Experience - Honey Bees and Garden Weeds

Role - Co-curator and Producer

Collaborators - Anna Clark, Katie McLean, Paige Mulhern, Julia Zell

Documentation - Elise Orlowski

Year - 2014

Honey Bees & Garden Weeds was a collaborative show between a group of honey-bee-focused and green-minded artists. We highlighted a few MassArt Seniors who built a body of work around honey bees and the colony collapse disorder. The other half of the show was centered around artists at MassArt who pursue studying sustainability, environmental awareness and just about anything related to plants. The show captured a variety of artists, mediums and messages. Over 25 artists were featured and over 40 works were installed.

Featured Artists - Alyssa Almeida, Emelie Bergh, Anna Clark, Rawco, Anthony Fusco, Alexandra Goriounova, Lee House, Chris King, Abigail McCoy, Katie McClean, Molly Mundy, Ali Nolin, Rebecca Ranney, Renee RicciardiEmma Rickert, Brittany Roberts, Brian Smith, Natalie Socha, Anna Stabler, Matt Willig, Julia Zell, Keith Zorn