Photos by Colby Todisco and Riley McClenaghan at Windy Films

Experience - Content Studio at Windy Films for HubWeek Open Doors - East Boston

Role - Experience Designer

Photographer - Colby Todisco and Windy Films Intern Riley

Location - Windy Films

Year - 2019

The Content Studio was designed as an experience for HubWeek’s East Boston edition of Open Doors. HubWeek created Open Doors as a way to explore the innovation and creativity budding in the Boston Metro neighborhoods. The Content Studio at Windy Films encouraged attendees to explore the foundation of the creative process from brainstorm to production.

Visitors were invited to respond to a mural that read “THE DAY YOU PLANT THE SEED IS NOT THE DAY YOU EAT THE FRUIT. WHAT SEED ARE YOU PLANTING?” a nod to the primary elements of the creative process. Guests were invited to activate and participate in what it is like to be on set of a production, creating content. Windy Films has opened their doors over the past year to foster young creative Boston organizations and artists, serving as a launch pad for impactful content. The HubWeek Content Studio reflects not only the creative process of creating impactful content but specifically, that of our local creative Boston communities.