Experience - The Community Canteen

Role - Assistant Producer

Collaborators - Teagan Lehrmann (The Community Canteen Founder), Something GUD and Aeronaut Brewery

Documentation - Elise Orlowski

Year - 2014

The Community Canteen is a non-assuming super series that took place from September to December in 2014. The founder, Teagan Lehrmann, and I worked on creating an environment to tackle a serious social mission: re-humanizing our food system, one bowl of goodness at a time. Using the one bowl-one meal concept, we served a pre-fixed simple and hyper-local menu with everyone. As Assistant Producer I worked primarily on the week of pre-production. My responsibilities were in designing the floor plan and the dining experience. While Teagan worked primarily on the communication and meal, I worked on making the eating environment feel like home.