Experience - Windy Halloween

Role - Experience Designer and Producer

Partners - Josh Blatt, AV and DJ / SamO, VJ / Digital Dan, DJ / Rory Caviness, Bartender / Lord Hobo Brewing / Willies Super Brew / Downeast Cider / Keel Vodka / Curio Coffee waffles

Venue / Host - Windy Films

Story - To celebrate their new space and company, Windy Films wanted to invite their community to go all out and celebrate Halloween together in their warehouse studio. As a nod to the film industry the party was designed around classic 80’s films. The ‘Goonies Cave Stage’ was modeled after the bone and jewel filled cave. Our ‘Back to The Future’ bar was complete with the Doc serving ‘Bif’s Booze’. Projection mapping by Samo animated the walls with classic 80’s imagery and gifs synced with music by DJ’s Digital Dan and The Count. Upon entering everyone encountered the ‘`Stranger Things Living Room’ filled with piles of Pop Rocks, Hubba Bubba, Fruit Roll ups and other classics. The costumes were to the 9’s, the music was on point, and the halloween vibes were strong.