Video: Meld V.2 at Lens Gallery

Experience - MELD

Role - Founder & Producer

Year - 2015-2017

MELD was a collaborative production team creating temporary fine art exhibitions and events based in Boston. MELD believed that food, art, and conversation are inextricably connected.

Together we formed an enthusiastic and large network of artists, young professionals and farmers. Through our installations and events we provided a portal to the local food and art scene of Boston.

A MELD opening provided experiences for the senses. The visitor was surrounded with food catered by Canteen & Co. and art from the local makers of our city. With every event we open room for growth in our local communities, artists, venues, and the general public. MELD was a liaison between the public and their local resources.


Artists : Dyllan Nguyen, Teagan Lehrmann, Austin Carrier, Molly Rennie, Anna Stabler.

Location: Lens Gallery

Year: 2016

Documentation Dan Callahan

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 8.33.14 AM.png


Collaborators - Canteen & Co

Location - Aeronaut Brewery

Year - 2015

DocumentationDan Callahan and Shannon Gallagher

Artists : Anthony Fusco, Briana Karman, Corinne Perreault, Dan Callahan, Elaine Thap, Emelie Bergh, Emma Rickert, Kira Doutt, Marissa Iamartino, Matt Willig

Design : Nico Bovat, TJ Freda

Production Assistants: Polina Protsenko, Shelby Doolity